dios miomio!

ようこそ、Welcome,aloha,bienvenu,willcommen,bienvenido!! Sorry, but it's English ONLY for all my frisnds.

Wednesday, December 29


I'm in NY! and so exitd caz new year's!! see ya

Sunday, December 26

After the party

I'm feeling everything's finished.It'd been build up to a climax till Christmas,in contrast, everywhere seemd silent today,even though my house.
Well,I took this pic at my friend's house last night.Is it NAMENEKO,right?I couldn't belive my own eyes.In addition,he piked up it in the street,Montreal.I was happy to see such a gorgeouse antique!Thanx!! By the way,it's 'Boxing day'.I don't know it exactlly,but people say its the first day after Christmas Day,at a word, an special bargain.But for me,here is not shopping city.I mean,Canada is not cheap for goods and 15% tax.I loose my desire for shoping here.Tokyo and NYC is best.That's why,I stay home all day long today.


Saturday, December 25

All I want for Christmas is...

Merry Christmas!!It's Christmas day's evening,but lots of my friends country are already done because of time diffrence.I realize that our distance,miss you guys! By the way,yesterday was awesome..I went to skate.I used to go skating,but it sure has been a while,about fifteen years?I was really afraid biginning though,not so bad and I'd enjoyed it finally.We'd dinner at Greek restrant then moved my house joinning the party.We'd been talking,dancing and drinking drinking drinking till 7:30am.I complately didn't notice the time. And tonight,I'm gonna come to the my friend's party.I have to dress at onece.Yes,I am still young.


Thursday, December 23

Great Christmas eve's eve.

Tonight,I planed to go bar hopping but we changed because of hard rain.To my surprise the temperture was 8℃,but I prefer to snow.I mean,I don't wanna with an umbrella with me rainny day.It's disgusting,right? Despite,I'd great dinner at home.We ate 'Raclette',rummy said its tipically French cuisine.We grilled some vegetable,meet and cheese with a broiler,but singly.It's hard to explain for me though,I like that.While wathing for grille,we enjoyed talking over the wine.It was silent and warm night.I love French,joyeux noel!


Wednesday, December 22

Merry christmas and Happy holiday!

I'm exhausted.I got up earler caz unscheduled work in the morning.Then I went shopping to prepare for christmas,I know it's not have a minute to spare! And I took a kinda English exam(an oral and written.) there again shopping.. There're a dence crowed all over the town.Positively,here's gonna be white christmas,i love.Everything's alright caz its Christmas time.So,I wish you a Merry Christmas and may all your Christmases be white.


Tuesday, December 21


My roommy gave a kitchin and dining room makeover this month.They'd exhausted them funds for kichin and consequently they couldn't go back France.It looks very user-friendly and cool,doeen't it?And I like indirectly lighting,but it's too bad for eyes.In any case,I like to cook new kitchin.By the way,I saw 'Love Actually' twice a day.I supporse it's great for on the eve of Christmas! "Love actually is all around"


Monday, December 20


OMG!Look it this pic,can you see the thermometer shows -22℃?It's two-thirty noon and lovely weather except this snappy.But,it's not so bad than I expected.So,I'm going to my friend's house then we watch 'love actually' with talk over a lot of wine.I prefer to play outside though my friend is a kind of homebody..it's all right.Well,the other pic was taken at Metro last night.It's not crowded all day because of Christmas vacation.Like peoples,I've got nineteen days vacation!



Saturday, December 18

I've got MOCHI

Look it,an acquaintance gave some 'mochi'(rice cake) today.I really really love it,it's obviously 'Pennies from heaven'!!They say Japanese community hold 'mochi-tsuki' festicval or something today.I never thought I could eat it overseas,what should I cook like these many mochi... Well,I went shopping in downtown to get Christmas present.But,there were thronged with peolpe like me.Now I mantion it,it's the last weekend of the Christmas.That's why everyone is in the strech.I have to prerar for Christmas,there's no time.Rush mio,rush rush rush!!


Friday, December 17

Orchestre symphonique de Montréal

I went to classical concert tonight.It hold at 'Note-Dome'church,where is one of the venerable place in Montreal.Oh,I just remembered,Cerine Dion celebraed a wedding there!The church had an air of romance and I drunk with ecstasy.Needless to say,music was marvelous.It's cold outside too,I'm drinking 'port' now.And my roommate crazy about play station2 in living.Well,I'll join him tonight,till morning.


Wednesday, December 15

ding-dong ding-dong

It was wonderful day,there's not a cloud in the sky!I took a walk my neighbor on the way to the super.Everything was white as far as the eye can sweep and too bright to walk without shades.I love to walk on fresh fluffy snow.It's so fun!Well,the pic is the church only a min walk from my door.I can heard the bell three times a day.Also when I was in NYC,I could hard beautiful sound from church on Sunday morning.Yes,It's 'Gospell'.I'm very lucky to live near the church.


Tuesday, December 14

mio/snowman and globe

We got some sunshine in the morning,so I finished snowmen(parent and child) and mountain.It was a walk in the park then,I've got a cold after all.I got carried away maybe..Anyways,he's so cute,isn't he?
Just onece,I want to see these beautiful world for someone who never known snows.Some friends are brought up in a genial country,like Colombia and Taiwan.But it's worth coming this town.Here's unknown country to them though.
I'm thinking about you guys from somewhere in a distant country. Te echo de menos.


Monday, December 13

blue Monday?!

I make a rule to do a lot of housework every monday,so today I did a washing,shopping,cleaning and cooking of leaving fridge.There's a washer and dryer in our house,so I needn't go coin laundry in the cold.Some people have to go laundromat because washer are not so widespread than Japan.It's hard enough for me just going outside in this city,it's unthinkable.While I was washing,I made snowmen in my porch,but I leave them half-finished because of a nip nip nip.I'll try to finish all at onece tomorrow.Ok now,I'm gonna go back NFL.It's Monday!


Sunday, December 12

Walking in a winter wonder land with Mirian

This weekends was AMAZING,caz Mirian came over from NYC!!Couple days ago,she said she might come Montreal and finally it was realized.We saw each other just three weeks ago and heavy heavy snow though we've quite enjoyed playing in the snow,theater,all-night party,dancing,shopping and talking.She is pretty younger than me,but her way of thinking is quite a solid parson.Well,it seems to return home safely.I'm gonna miss Miri,but I can see her few weeks later in any case.So,see you then @NYC!!!



Saturday, December 11


Friday, December 10


I had an all-night party last night.We'd been drinking for ten hours or more,so tired...And I get up now and look out the window,everything is snow-white.It's really strong and seems gonna be heavier.I hear Tokyo is fairly warm for this time of the year.The temper stands at 17℃,and some flowers come out.It's impossible!What's the matter,if things keep going on like that,there going to be an island of eternal summer.Parrots fly the sky and everybody dancing salsa like Latin America.It's not so bad,isn't it? Anyway,it's disgusting though,I gotta go.


Wednesday, December 8


Everything's still freezing..Where is a snowplow?It seems dangerous to driver and pedestrainas.The city hall must remove the snow or scatter a lot of salt right now.As you can see,even the bike's freezing and icicle hanging.I've never seen such a cute bike,it's cute,isn't it? I saw 'Godfather' again tonight.No matter how many times I see it,I never get tired of that.Viva the Corleones!It's absolutely the very best!


Tuesday, December 7

street skater

The weather was horrible today.In the morning,it snowed and rained but I went out to meet friend.Then it hailed when we shopping around Sherbrooke.We were beaten from head to toe by STONE RAIN.To make matters worse,the hail changed into sleet then the streets had frozen over,i.e.,we have to walk on the ice.It was dangerous though we got getting fun and enjoyed ice-skating on the street.so fun. Finally,we got warm from Korean food.


Monday, December 6

Christmas is coming!

Christmas decorations are appiearing all over town.It's terrible cold recently though,powder snow adds charm to these decoration.I have a kind of feeling that more like quiet than Japan.Needless to say,its derive from religious,so completely opposite kind of thing to Japanese,that's tooo much.Of course,I'd rather here. Anyways,Decenber create a special atmospher,doesn't it?I love it!


Sunday, December 5


This picture is a print that was painted by my granduncle.He's been living alone in NY for fifty years.I'd known of a distant relative lives in NY,but I'd never met him before I visited him this summer.Since then,I visit him regularly because I like to talk with him very much.He came to NY after the World War Ⅱ by ship(for 21 days) then he got job and he was active in the fashion industry.He told me the recipe for happiness,"You have to do everything possible,and the most important thing is personal relationships" I quite agree with him,and I want to be New Yorker like him someday.


Saturday, December 4

party party party

We had a fun ill party night this weekend.I've been partying for two days straight.Friday was so fun,I joined the party midnight though party reached a crescendo already.All people got crazy and trippin...and I've got a hangover.On the other hand,tonight is not kind of crazy party.We just enjoy drinking and talking,it's also good.Everyone except me speak 'French' all the times.Of corse,I don't understand what they're talking about(I need subtitle!)But thanksfully somebody translate French into English,I think it's not easy work.But it's great experience for me,because It broadens my mind.And I can get good wine and foods,I love party!

party again

Friday, December 3


Yeah,the ground was coverd with snow when I got up early!It's been snowing all day and still snowing fast tonight.It's the perfect powder snow,so I played puffing breath into the snow with my friends.I can't find no words to say,can you imagine snow sparkled in the light troughout the town?It's the most beautiful snow I've ever seen.You should have seen it,so romantic... Now,the tempererature's minus eleven,but I did enjoy the breathtaking snow!!


Thursday, December 2

fish week

I'm definitely a fresheathing(meat)-parson.I do not eat raw fish or something and what is worse,here I can get various kinds meat cheaply.But sometime makes me love seafood so this week,I decided I'd eat fish deliberately.I sauted flatfish and made gratin,these were so tasty.OMG,I'd made near-perfect French food,I find it now.I'm becaming the French day by day! Tout est parfait!Salut!!



Wednesday, December 1

Doughnuts nut

I often eat doughnuts this year.It's kind of quite habit-forming.The gratest cause was,without doubt,'Krispy Krame'.I ate GLAZED as often as three times a week when I was in NYC.There's nothing like fresh GLAZED!I wanna go 23rd st!!But I couldn't find Krispy Krame my neighbor though,I found 'Tim Hortons' instead.Needless to say,it's not as good as Krispy,but there's not so bad.Especially,Tim Bits is my favarite.Not bad at all.