dios miomio!

ようこそ、Welcome,aloha,bienvenu,willcommen,bienvenido!! Sorry, but it's English ONLY for all my frisnds.

Monday, January 31

Go home!

Finally,I've got an airline tiket.I'm gonna back to home Feb9,and I'll get there the next day.It's gonna be long flight though I'm lookin foward to go back to Japan.The first thing I wanna make an eathing tour and meet my friends.I really really miss you guys,my wall pic bring back to funny memory.So I hope to see my friends as possible.
Truthfully,at this moment,my Montreal life is fabulous.Yes,my life is not so easy though,let's face it,I am already getting lonesome...is it kind of cry for the moon,or..I don't know.
Tonight Mariko and I went to gym(but no exrcise) then had babble tea at Guy.Our subject is always the same,we can't never change.Thanx for the tea Mariko anyway .


Sunday, January 30

japanese assoc

I had dinner with Mariko,Kan and Sebastian.They have a unique personality and bright.Since they graduated from international school,speak impeccable English,Japanese and French.It's interesting that Kan and Seba speak Kansai-Japanese perfectly.
Then on the way to home,I was stalked some strange guy while waiting for Youssef at Lionel-Groulx.so scary.. If he hadn't been late,I couldn't have felt nervous. Keep a promise!


Saturday, January 29

still sleepy..

Last night,we ate 'self-tempura' at home,it was fun,smells bad.After that,I went to club with youssef.Basically,I do not go to place where plays HOUSE though finally I enjoyed.Then he fixed my laptop because it affected virus.I've been annoyed by my pc,so I asked someone who professional enginner.He said that it's neccesary to install tha same program,and he was helpful to fix it.Now,I ask him caz it seems something strange.help me again..I hope it's gonna be fine...


Thursday, January 27


Because I usually had dinner before seven.Should I change my eating habit,or whole my life..no,I can't!I get the jitters because of starving and many cares.Damn,I can't study more tonight!Ok,well.I'm enjoy studying French now.Almost everybody can't understand my funny french though,I still tuckle it.All I have to do is just speaking,like
'Tu me téléphoneras demain.' C’est fun !!!

Wednesday, January 26

French again

Returning day is draws near,I feel like studing French again.Luckily,I have many friends who speak French,so I decided to speak only French at home! I know,it's like much bit of expect though I give way to try learn it.Caz so romantic and sexy.. I'm so sad that I can't hear French in Japan.ok,I'll try to speak Japanese seductively.


Tuesday, January 25


hey,why pay for something I don't want to?I was amazed at this ad when I saw it first time.It's really an everyday or every second incident at NY,maybe Tokyo too.But it's the emblem of Montreal's peace,yes here is really peaceful except horrible this weather. These days,I am so tired because of study,party,and something..I have to change my lazy life.It's gonna be hard this weekend though.


Monday, January 24

see u!

T and Sanae are leaving tomorrow,so I went T's and chicha bar.Finally,ten friends cllected to say good-bye them.We went out and drunk all the time,so I feel lonesome.Caz they're from the westan part of Jpan,it's too far to meet like before.ahh shit,I forgot taking a pic with T.
Im nuts about chicha because we're always smoke that at T's.Of course it's not illigal,indeed it gave me an easy place.I wanna get to a pipe but I guess it's not so cheap and delicate to bring back to Japan,maybe I should go the Middle and Near East.Well,I hope to see T and Sanae soon,and enjoy flight! Bon voyage,Bonne chance!!


Sunday, January 23

No drink,No smoke.

It was awful weekend.On Sat,I joined in Mariko's birthday party.There're lots of unique foreing peoples,so fun.For some reason,I stayed there neither drink nor smoke all night.Just only that night though,it was definitely miracle,I did it! Then I went to certain friend house and I'd been there all day long after all. *grin* But my roomy anxiously seached for me,they're so kind.I was so bad girl though. When I was waitting for the train,I bumped into my friends the opposide platform,in spite of a minor station 'Vendome'.So,I joined them and had late dinner.That's what I call 'What a coincidence!'.


Friday, January 21


not song,it's Japanese food.I was at the sukiyaki party tonight.I never eaten it by kansaistyle though,it was good. I'm FREEZING.Now the temperture is -26℃,but it's equable day and night.I got flustered when my first finger couldn't move,and I thought it could be frostbite.Walking street just few second will make my legs painful.I was depressed to hear the sensory temperture was -36℃ last night.That's why my nose and contact lens were frozen.


Thursday, January 20

my dream

I've always wanted to go Cuba.Salsa,music,beach and I have a passionete concern for Cuban history.I should have gone there from Canada caz it's closer than that of Japan,and in addition,I can go there by a direct flight.It's been having chilly days lately,so..I really really want to go CUBA!!

i wanna go...

Wednesday, January 19

C’est super !

Yesterday,I went to Gion's place with S and T.It's been a while,but he's getting more like prince than before.His attractive French adds charm to his beauty.Somepeople say he's kind of creepy and we doubts about g.. On the way home,we talked about which country's guy is the coolest in the world .The topics ran from European to universe.We spoke of foolish topics seriously and to conclude,French guys are the coolest and Eastern European ladys are the most beautiful in the world.Anyways,I'm always enchant by the beauty of the French-French.Ouh la la!


Tuesday, January 18

Raclette night-Québon!

I couldn't help laughing 'Québon' tonight. It's terrible cold outside(-23℃),it's not cold so much as sore.Like this chill day nothing is better than eat raclette at home. I wonder if I bring raclette machine to Japan.It'll tough to get it there or maybe impossible.


Monday, January 17

Hi Hi puffy

I took this pic at nyc.People say they're very popular in the US caz cartoon network is televising a cartoon modeled on puffy.That's might be sure,I saw lots of ad street and subway.It's for girls though,I wanna check it one time.Not only puffy but also Japanese animation is well-known around the all over the world.My friend who is from France said that he likes Akira and Gandam,and Turk and Korean friends could sang Candy-Candy,also Mexican sang Dragon ball.To my great surprise,they sang by Japanese!


Sunday, January 16

bye-bye French

I end up studing French,though this great situation.First,it's most important for me to get English now.Second I felt my limit of pronounciation.Yesterday,the train broke down suddenly then I just had to get off the train because of incomprehensible French announce.What a pity!!!!
So,I'm gonna back to home with these brand-new books.But I'll study it two years later or maybe someday.I must allow that is the most romantic lang in the world especially French-French. Well,it's the last day of my part-time job.yeah,now I'm free.I'm able to do concentrated studing for a while.


Saturday, January 15

I met Joseph on New Year's

Yes,he was cute,but so lazy..he'd waited his master at outside the Saigon Grill for a long time.I want saint bernards would always be pep and clever.They should make a model of Joseph the characters in the hidi.I wanna go saigon grill by the way.Since I lived close to there,I went eathing beef something once a week.Only bad things is that I have to wait for thirty min or so.

@upper east

Friday, January 14


So,we can walk safe,heavy snow has gone!But when are we able to outdoor-skate?I just hope there is not a crush as Central park. I'm so busy these days it makes me mad,no time to watch movies.I've go to watch 'Bad Education' no matter what.Gael is playing again,he's definitely cutest guy,isn't he


Thursday, January 13


But we don't need it.The sun was so strong that snow has been melted for a couple of days.This morning,the temperture was 13℃.It is the same as Tokyo,isn't it?However the odd weather will turn to nomal soon.Living a country with a wide range of temperture is not easy. Anyways,I made a friend who went to international school in Japan for 14 years and now a student at McGill.We were chatting about..I don't know just girl's talk for almost 2h, we met tonight though. Now,I've got sleepy.But I have to finished my homework by tomorrow.ok,I'll get up earlyer,there's no choice.


Tuesday, January 11


It's pretty cold today.Since I left my gloves,finger was freezing instantly.
Anyway,I'd gotten lots of mincemeat cheaply so frozed these and I think about how to use large meat every dinner.I felt like a a hamburger tonight so I cooked 'loco moco'.For the first time,it was terribly nice.Actually,there is no trick or secret,it's just like a rice bowl as you see..Now that mention it,I've never eaten it even though I went to Hawaii.incidentally,spam too.


Monday, January 10


Here's too hard to live contact lenses user.I'm not able to wear these all day because of dryness.I brought lots of contact renses but I have to take these home with me after all. I still struggle for essay.I've done with difficulty though I'm afraid read my disjointed essay again.Due to it,I couldn't go out tonight. Thanks to my fuck'n English.


Sunday, January 9


Look at pic,it's icicles hanging from the roof.These're getting longre and longer day by day.It looks as ling as sixty cm!We've been having nice weather lately,so it might get to melt. Anyways,I've been busy these days.The first thing I go to school everyday and study for toefl in my spare time.
I must do today's list:go to the bk,study and finish writing a essay,go to part-time job,go to my friend's house,pay a cell phone bill,and so on.
I want to do someday list:watch the movies all day,bar or club hopping,call my friends,make sweets,arrange the pc,change linens,take in a hot bath.ugh..I forgot,I have to prepare for back to JPN.


Thursday, January 6

Me gusta salsa!?

I took salsa lesson,but it made me depressed.I began to hate it..my feet were so dull.Though I have a passion for it,I wasn't able to dance as I wanted.Why Latino can dance such a stunning?I wanna go South America to study salsa and Spanish.But luckily,I found a nice partner for me(I hope so!) Well.We had lots of snow today,I think it's been for ten days.The streets were freezed because of no rain,it's really dangerous for walker.Greatfull snow!!At midnight,snow blowers remove the snow on the road noisily.But it's all right,I prefer to noise than icy.

snow blower

Wednesday, January 5

I'm stuffed..

When I stayed Mirian's,grandma made some Brazirian food for us.I guess those were tipical Brazilian food except a problem she's vegetarian.I love all the food,especialiy enjoyed beans and rice.So I tried to cook beans-something tonight by following the example of grandma.It's delicious,but something different than that.I should have learned how to make that. And I made 'cob salad'.I often find cob salad in US,so I checked a recipe on the internet.That tells me 'cob' is someone who cook as super chef at LosAngels.That's a trivia!


Tuesday, January 4

winter sports

I see this ad every station.I hard there aren't so nice mountain around the city,moreover worse than that of Japan.I'd been wanted to go snowboarding,but I droped a plan.I know I'm gonna be fun and crazy like when I was student.Honestly,I'm afraid of middle injury again.I prefer to skate in winter these days.

winter sports

Monday, January 3

Happy New Year!!!

Wish you a New Year full of joy& good cheer!

I returned home from NYC today.I made up my mind to go NYC Tuesday night then I left home rigth away.I met friends,skating,walking,eating,shopping...it was really fun!Especially thanks for Milian and her family.I wanna eat grandma's beans! I'm so exhausted caz a large concourse of turists all over the city and busy everyday five days trip though.Anyways,I am happy that I spend New Year's at NYC.Of course,my new year's resolution is back to there and keep plugging away to get it.
Well,I really really wish you this year filled with happiness and meet you again 2005!!See u then

blooming's display


rock f's tree

best place in nyc

skating@central park