dios miomio!

ようこそ、Welcome,aloha,bienvenu,willcommen,bienvenido!! Sorry, but it's English ONLY for all my frisnds.

Monday, February 28

peace of mind,peace of mind.

I found the ad everywhere.The othere one was tie-up with Richrd Gare,and he said "It's time to love our city Tokyo!Like New Yorker". I don't know we gonna be able to love Tokyo like them though it's good project,isn't it?
Well, I still feel down sometimes,but I'm getting back my life.To my surprise,my friends seem also feel down after return home from overseas.
Something happened today,it's good things really.And now,I'm feel like rearizing how to resolve trouble.After all time is the best medicine,but some othere things also consoled me.For example,listening my favorite songs,dancing,watching great movies,sleeping soundly..but for me,the best medicine is talking to my friends.It give me nice advise and lead to right way.

i love..

Saturday, February 26

chelsea@Las Chicas

Chelsea and I met Kumi at Omotesando then we had lunch @Las Chicas.There is my favorite since few years ago.The weather was too cold for us to eat at patio though we'd enjoyed.Yeah,I really love the place and around there caz it's international for Tokyo.I often enjoy searching nice cafe and cool place in that area also I like watching to change with astonishing speed.But I don't know why there've changed a loud city like Chanel, Dior and LV..it's too much(hey where is Meijiya,closing?).Someone who want these expensive stuff should go to Ginza,please! Anyways,we went to Karaoke after lunch,Chelsea was listening our crazy song quietly.
He is always really really good boy!

chelsea kumio

Friday, February 25


so I made a snow man in my gerden.But it remined me of myMontreal's life..I really loved walking on the powder snow!


Wednesday, February 23

Spring is here

amazing..it's still Feb though we got the first gale of spring today,also temperture was 20℃! I'm staying at home caz my parents've gone to Eastern Europe.They told me the info just 2 weeks ago,but it's ok I'm out of shape and get out of dark side these days.Except earthquakes and a fuse.

Thursday, February 17

a week later...

just a week but I feel like it's longer than reality,and I still struggle with some probrems.. Whenever I had a probrem,I went to the Hudson River park.I could regain my balance just I sat down or read my favorite books with H&H's bagels,there is my seacret place. Few days ago,I was recived a great massage from my best friend,Montreal.

"We just don't believe in love and stuff anymore--we are all cynical, we are all afraid of each other, we are always trying to protect ourselves and we can't allow ourselves to just do as we feel. Or so it seems, at least on the part of boys."

yea,when it comes to romance we're all cynical and afraid into someone,something.I'd like you not to think the way though..well,it could have been fabulous.

hudson r

Wednesday, February 16

doggie doggie chelsea

he is the cutest doggie in the world.One of the rason why I came back to home is to meet him again,so really happy.But he's kind of kitty,I mean he's fickle,somethime reject me and somethime fawn on me. By the way,we had a big quake(M5.4) this morning.I heard the strange rattele-sound then shook strongly.I didn't move,just pulled the blanket and bad hunchs fitted through my mind.It was horribly scary.Since I lived in overseas,I complately forgot earthquake.


Tuesday, February 15

what is the 3GPP?

what a surprise,or outrageous.. there are all new models,I couldn't find like mine.These cp's changed more smart and complicated.I'm not good at technology and always depend on someone well-informed,so I'm just surprized at Japanese high-tech.On the contraly,when I think of that always thinking of we really need it or not.It's too quickly to keep up with those for me.
But,I wanna get some electrical stuffs by summer.
1:Cell Phone(SONY's) 2:i book(G4) 3:Camera(Canon or Fuji) 4:MP3 5:MPEG Movie(Pana)
That's why I'm crazy about chacking http://www.kakaku.com/ I wanna go to Akihabara soon!

Anyways,I hard the news about flooding South America and worried about Ivan and he's alright.The news eased me.I hope to retrieve there as soon as possible.


Monday, February 14

Feliz Día de San Valentin!

but I complately forgot about it,if I were office worker like last year,I could have buy many many chocolates for my coworkers and bosses.What a bullshit Japanese rules,but this year indiffrent to me.I already gave chocolates last week(of course I ate the-oichii-chocolate with him).
Well,I decided not to return to Montreal,actually I'd waverd between going and staying next week.The reason why I can get round trip ticket only $400,I left my stuffs so I wanna pic them up and I had someone who really I wanted to meet.But,I decided.Caz it'll be nothing to change,rather,there's lots of risks for me.So,I won't.. And I'm sure of my decision,it's time to start my life. If I feel lolenysome for Montreal,NY and my friends,I can get them on the internet and phone right away.Luckly,we live in the 21thcentury.

And some guys gave me flowers and 'gros bisous',now I'm so happy,hehe!!
Happy valentins day.


Sunday, February 13

I'm fine

The pic was taken at Umi-hotal last night.I could't rearize where I was at the center of Tokyo bay caz just quiet and dark after the just 15min drive from Kawasaki.It's more like scary for me.. and I was shocked about too expensive expressway's fee(in total ¥7000/$55).
I didn't adjust my life still now.Actually,it seems hard and I need enough time than I thought.I couldn't seep everynight,it's not only jet lag also bad dream..and I'm little bit in trouble.But it's ok,I'm really getting better since talked about my probrem to friends,and nowI'm so happy caz I always get some great advise from my friends.love you guys,thanks so much.yeah,it's not big deal so just relax.I'll be alright. It's beneath me!! thanx!

umi hotal

Saturday, February 12


Finally,I returned to my home 3days ago.I met my very best friends and grand parents for 3days and really tired in my country.And somethime,it looks everythings new to me like ad,tv show,fashion,too much information..i don't know,but Tokyo is JUST huge and speedy.
It's too hard adjust new(return?) envioment for me,caz my Montreal life was "daily life",honestly,I feel miss Montreal and my regular life than I thought.I know all I need for me is time though.....


Wednesday, February 9

Leaving Montreal

I stay in Montral now,actually I'm leaving 1hour later though I got back home now. My last day was awful.I took an exam lack of sleep then went to the bank and fido shop to close my account.Also I didn't finish pack by the evening. Last night and tonight I met my very best friends to say good bye,no,I didn't say that way.I really hope to see you my friends soon.
Yes,I have to go soon.I can't belive it.Truthfully,I don't feel a kind of sad or dipressed.Leaving here is rising above my mind.It's srange though I still worry about back to Japan.And it takes 24hours to get home,I have to wait 2 hours at NY for transfer.I wish I get first class this flight.

I'll try to back NY and Montreal as soon as possible.
I'm gonna miss you so much,thanks wonderful memory.




Sunday, February 6


It was my last weekend though sill lazy. Youssef and Jacky and I went back to my home then go to shopping in Jean-Talon.It was nice sightseeing rather than driving caz I 'm not good about Montreal still now.Finally,we went to the movie 'Flight of the Phoenix',it's not good for someone who will take a plane soon.But the Moroccan desert was so beautiful especially daybreak.
And I looked back to this city and my Montreal life,the closer to the end,the more love here.I really stay here for a while and I wish continue this wonderful my daily life in Montreal.. I've been damage.

Saturday, February 5

beautiful days

What a beautiful days!It's been really warm these days,daytime temp is 6℃.Our terrace's snow's already melted,I don't know it's good or bad though it's little bit pity for me.I'm always waitting for -25℃ world.
Last night,I went to Benoit and Hide's house to enjoy chicha.I felt sad caz T and Sanae's gone also T's room was just quiet,but I played bounce on a trampoline alone.Hey does anyone enjoy with me,I promise you can go to the moon!! At mightnight,Youssef and Muhammad joined us.It's like a funny things for me,anyway.
Well,now it's Sat's night.After came back to home I'd slept till 2pm and I made breakfast,yes it was really delicious!!
And now,I'm lazy girl again..I was said that how I'm lazy girl by four people,yea I agree though I feel as if I study concentlately tonight. Go study go study.
I found that I am a person a kind of CHILDISH than I thought.I'm really scared of my behavior.
Je suis jalous! so what??


Thursday, February 3


I packed my things at last.It's not finished yet,but almost done.There're two huge luggages,a big bag,two king-sized paper bags and a jumbo cardboard box.Well,if I gonna send a cardboard box on ahead,how do I bring them to Japan?No idea no idea,I need someone who go with me to help my luggages(please mom again!). Luckly,my friend suggested that he could keep my things till I back here again,so I'll entrust to him.But,why did I bring too many stuffs,even though short-term stay.Next time,I have in my mind about bring minimum stuff.

I am so depressed leaving Montreal.. I'll be in home at this time of next week,and I don't wanna think about it.
I know it's time to leave,so I have to prepar for my mind. Everything's gonna be alright.


Wednesday, February 2

It's his turn!

So,he made dinner for me.And I ate in the same way,in fact I used my light hand.Everything's new to me though I really really enjoy traditional very Moroccan food tonight.Of course it was quite delicious,chikin was really tasty,and what's more,Moroccan tea was also nice,so sweet.I love them all.Jackie said that Youssef made me dinner for two hours.It's so gratful..C'etait delicieux,Merci beaucoupYouseff. Well,Jackie is so funny guy,I like his dragon player's story.I hope to meet him again.
Anyways,I dreamed a bad dream. I already back to Japan and live busily everyday like a year ago,I was tired my life in my dream. It made me so sad when wake out of dream,actually I'm not still good now.I hope not it prophetic dream,please....


Tuesday, February 1

it's my turn!

I made Youssef dinner tonight.The theme for tonight's was Japanese though I rarely make like real Japanese here caz it hard to get any Japanese spices and instruments.Ok, I sholuld stop excuse.
I made niku-jyaga,karaage and of course rice/miso soup finally.I made him wait for a long time,but it was dilicious,especially he love karaage.We ate up all plates,and I hope not it was after the gym.Yeah,I did!I'm proud of me,hehe. Anyways,I met Luc's parents.They're very open-hearted alike him.His mom also gave a good account of my foods,thanks god!!