dios miomio!

ようこそ、Welcome,aloha,bienvenu,willcommen,bienvenido!! Sorry, but it's English ONLY for all my frisnds.

Sunday, March 27

welcome back!

Now,I've got all my cell phones.I lost the biggest one (and also my memory) at New Years Eve party,W hotel NYC.Fortunally,Mr.Nokia was held by David for few weeks then stayed Milian's a month and he flew from NY to Tokyo with Fumin.It was long way though,thanks guys.The smollest one is I used at Montreal,the black one have been used for almost two years in Japan.I wonder it's time to change mine though not inconvinient as far,puls there's lots of my memories..so I'll wait a while.By the way,It seems that I'm gonna NY the end of this year caz I was misunderstanding about admission to the department and so on.Things are bit complicated. I'm not sure,"maybe".

Watched dvd these days list.
Good Bye Lenin! (B+:Heroine is cute,also story is really nice.)
My Life Without Me(B:The story isn't so heavy than I expected.)
Uptown girls(C-:I never watch it again.)
Candy(C:Boys,must check it and gimme your comment.)


Sunday, March 20

three-day weekend

though I don't care,everyday is Sunday for me.Well,Mr Yoriemon and Achan and I met at Ebis.All our the talk was still Co.D.I'd enjoyed and feel like return to the company,I wanna get back to my crazy Shiodome life.Thanks reunion and treat me!
By the way,Fukuoka was hit a big earthquake this morning.According to the news there is not so lots of victom but,really scared.Never think we were hit there like very eastern part of Japan..wherever I live,it could be. And more,today,it's ten years since 'nerve gas attack' at subway.Fortunatly,I skiped a class that day but if I'd gone to school as usual,I whould have been damaged caz I ride the same train.It's really horrible.Where is the road to peace in this world?

Thursday, March 10

Just a month

It's been just a month since I returned.I feel as if Montreal life is long long time ago,but a day is longer than reality..something strange though.I'm tired,anyway.
Well,I went to Meiji-jinguu the other day to pay homage and Hatsumoude(I know it's too late,but the most important thing is this spirit!) . There were few visitor so I spent a quiet time,only hard sounds of birds and trees.I can't belive that there is the center of the Tokyo.
Of course I draw an Omikuji.It said,
“Never allo yourself to be shaken by any storm,but stand as firm in your convictions as a huge old pine rooted in the mountainside”.
What a thankfylly god's word.


Monday, March 7

おたおめ to me

It's my birthday,yeah!!So this weekend my friends gave a party for me at iz-tamax.I got cake,dinner,underwear,bag and kimono from them.It was really surprised caz Kumi rememberd that I was thinking aloud want kimono few weeks ago(SJP wore a kimono like as pj @ Sex and the city).Then we played Jinsei Game till dawn,it was so mean..anyways,I really enjoyed spending lots time with guys,love u.
Tonight,Neg treat me to dinner.There's our favorite,especially I love the pizza and sweets,so yummy!Thanks again!!
Finally,this year's bd was great,too.I want to say 'thank you' to all of my friends,and a live.


Wednesday, March 2


I wached this movie on tv tonight.Of course I've watched it many times before but this time it moved me with biggest impression.At least everyone has lost themselves way or everyone has the othere side in themselves especially teens,the fact is not only mental patients.I really don't know what the normal is.. I feel somehow healed this movie.
My parents returned from a trip to Europe.They said there was quit beautiful and wonderful place,it's better than Paris in a sence. I've been to nether Vienna nor Paris though chocolates was delicious,anyway.