dios miomio!

ようこそ、Welcome,aloha,bienvenu,willcommen,bienvenido!! Sorry, but it's English ONLY for all my frisnds.

Monday, April 25

Healthy life

I got fat in spite of vegertarian so I decided to go to the gym. Though I am not a kind of sports lover,really enjoying exrcise everyday(moreover,twice a day!) My Life is quite healthy than ever like I get up early,go to the gym by bic then three hours exrcise and enjoy in a Jacuzzi/sauna.When I get home,have late lunch at my garden,take a nep and enjoy tanning.Now think of it,my life sounds lazy though it's better than before awake around noon,right?Anyways,I'll be AJ.You'll see,you'll see,you'll see..
On Sat,I watched the great movie "City of God." I didn't expect for Brazilian movie,but everything's perfect.
I really wanna go there,but worry about gangs and language. But Mirian said that I whould look like just Japanese-Brazilian Sansei.Yes,she is right.Luckly,there are lots of Nisei or Sansei!


Sunday, April 17


The party was really fun. We knew each other when we were teens.Although I played them like everyday after the class then,I haven't met guys for a long time.It hasn't changed a bit.Especially Satoshi,"buri-zuruseko",was still funny-slippery. Talking about sekoc,I can't understand why people wanna check boy/girlfriend's cp.I allow the guy checking my cp but I NEVER checked boyfriend's cp in my life,just I do not care.However it seems super-exciting,so I'll try next time maybe.
Well,thanks Yohey,he always make us organized and cook delicious foods. I hope to get husband who cook well.

Finally,I got the song that I've been looking fored for a month.Thanks Aiko and Mit.
"A Thousand Miles" Hey,isn't it my song? (or maybe usd to be)

Do you think time whould pass us by?


Sunday, April 10

one lovely spring day

Yesterday,kumitac and I went to Kamakura.Since cherry blossoms were in full bloom,there were loads of Japanese and foreigners all over the city.We visited Tsurugaoka-hachimangu first to pray and draw an Omikuji.Speaking of it,we were Daikichi two of us luckly!The weather was perfect,so we went to the beach then it occurred..when I had lunch,someone hit me and robbed my half-aten croquette!I complately couldn't get what happend to me, after a few sec I saw I was stolen it by a kite or something.It was really scary,people say they rob hamburgers from man's hand.Anyways,It was quit fun playing with water at the Pacific,also it remind me of the other ocean and distance,Montreal and NY... In the evening,we walked to the Mr.Daibutsu and we took much crazy pics.Who wants these pics of me and him?I was dying because of laughing.
I used to visit there many time when I was little kids with my family,but It's been long time maybe seven years.So this time,I found many things from diffrent side and I like there than before.I whould love to go there every season,banzai Japan!



Sunday, April 3

busiest spring day

Somehow,I really wanted iPod when I awaked.

14:00 Walked from Ueno to Akihabara to get iPod.
15:00 Looked about Brazilian beans at Roppongi hills(I didn't get it after all).
16:00 Had a beauty treatment at Azabu.
18:00 Made a move to Ginza to get an iPod's accessory,diary and bagels.
20:00 Had dinner at French restrant with Mr.N who is working on the same division before I quit.He graduated from university at Venice and I've got high motivation to study abroad from our conversation.
French was really tasty anyway,thank you for dine.
24:30 Got home,of course stone-cold sober! I can't belive myself:)

and now,I'm enjoying iTunes and iPod.It's so worth the long walk!Though I'm still hunting an accessory.
I love to walk with my favorite music in beautiful spring days.
Brazilian girls,Gotan Project,NERD and India arie are in the mood.Sometime I sing furtively Ashanti on the street.It's not really foolish,isn't it? Ok,it's time to go back study.

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