dios miomio!

ようこそ、Welcome,aloha,bienvenu,willcommen,bienvenido!! Sorry, but it's English ONLY for all my frisnds.

Monday, May 23

somewhere, over the Rainbow.

I saw the rainbow few days ago,again. This pic is hard to see..anyway, it was really beautiful. I feel that I could always be master of the bad situation whenever I saw it. Like the lyric, "Somewhere, over the rainbow Skies are blue And the dreams that you dare to dream Really do come true ." and it's true.
As I see it, I got over problems like last summer at Calgary, last month and maybe this time. It's definitely happy sign! Of course, this phenomenon is not only for me but for everyone so I took pics to see it for U!!

Finally, I took an exam in toefl today. Though I have to keep studing harder, the score was not so bad than had been looked for . Because of the result, it seems that I can go to New York this summer. Still I haven't decided though..what should I do?! I have only 7days for the deadline.

PS; I've just wached my very best movie "SMOKE" on tv after a long time caz I left dvd at Montreal:(
It mede me wanna go to Brooklyn and ete pita and beagle. It's better than that of manhattan, isn't it?

lovely R!!

Sunday, May 8


I've been felt like happy. Because I talked about my worries with my friend yesterday. Coincidentally,he lived and studied the movie department at NYU like my last summer.So his adveses are relevant and I can get good ideas.
Then I joined in kinda reunion. It's also been a long time though I felt at ease.That's just like guys,awesome crazy.We ate noodles all together at mightnight.They were able to show me a good time.
Sometime I worry about many things,but yesterday I got something very valuable things,somewhat confidence or drive. Just talking to my friends not only made me feel better but found myself unawares. I'd like to enjoy staying and meeting my friends as possible as my homebound.
Now,I have to decide whether go to NYC or stay in Japan this summer.


Tuesday, May 3


Today,I dated with Kumi at Omotesando. It was much too beautiful day for shopping as always,so we channged our plan and went to Yoyogi park. There were very crouded because of national holiday week anyway.
My great surprise,we bumped into Kumi's kinda ex there! I can't believe,it hardly ever meet up with friends in giant-city Tokyo. Then we picnicked for four hours with Tom and Scott. We played "Have you ever --?" games,it was so fun and guys also. Although it was the first time I met Tom,he knew my kinda ex story,I guess Kumi toled everthing to him,so funny.
Was it just Coincidence or Serendipity? Either way,I love this unexpected things.