dios miomio!

ようこそ、Welcome,aloha,bienvenu,willcommen,bienvenido!! Sorry, but it's English ONLY for all my frisnds.

Wednesday, June 29

I heart grazed.

ついに入手.プレスリーみたいに死ぬまで食べ続けてやる.毎度の事ながらNYでは食べる事しか考えてないし. 今日は公園で日焼けと昼寝するから小説持って張り切って出かけたのに傘もないのに大雨で,仕方ないからそのまま買い物してたら10km以上歩いてしまった.NY散歩はホント楽しい,強烈な歩行者が沢山いるから.コロンビア人の友達に久々に遭遇したのでサルサ大会をお願いしておいた.夜はカレーがどうしても食べたかったけど疲れてたからSpiceでto goしたら超超おいしかった.使わせていただく. NYでは数百語が話されていて,その中でもここは英語とSpanishが主なわけなんだけども今日ふと思ったのは,その関係ってMontrealの英語とFrenchに似てる.取説とかもほとんどその2ヶ国語だし.

finally, i got it!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 28

mio from NY

So, I got to NY. I am so tired because of luck of sleep and yucky vege meal on the plane. But, my place is really great. It's clean, beautiful port, casual but high-class. I love New port!! That's the reason I didn't go to manhattan today. It's just 10min though something like a different world. I'm gonna write my blog in Japanese while staying in NY by the way.



Monday, June 27

I'm leaving

It's 6am, I've been packing since last night and finally, it's almost done. Plus, I could make just one and half baggage. But this time, I'm ok if I could just take passport, tickets, i pod and running shoes. It's the first time though I really tired and wanna take a nap. Also I wanna jog as always and watch video then eat something japanese food. But I must leave for the airport at 11am. Maybe I should wake up till then.

''Must do in NYC'' list
eat GRAZED everyday @ crispy crame
jog in the park or river everyday
study vegetalian life
don't be late fireworks @ July4th
go to free concert asap @ central park especially, Brazilian Girls
be Latino
pray everyday

see you there!!

go 2 ny, now

Sunday, June 26

Happy Birthday Kumi!!

Last night, we had a Kumi's birthday party. And somewhat I really wanted to do fireworks, so we had a kind of fireworks party at river. It was quite fun, I enjoy my second childfood. Then we wached the movie ''Before sunset''. It's my favorite like remembarance of NY, last summer... Well, Happy Birthday to Kumi! I'm so happy to be her friend for 10years, also hope her greatest future. And I wish to study at NY with her, so pls study harder and save up money. Anyways, you'll be alright, caz my very best friend like a family.
Speaking of study, I've got a good score on the TOEFL. I have to wait an accurate score more a week though, I'd have a tough job to get it for couple of month. So, I'm really really happy now. There is hopeful sign of enroll college. And, looks I can concentrately study and enjoy NY this summer. I love me:)

I am exhausted. I took an exam, went to hospital to see my grandpa, beauty treatment for my hair and body, shopping with my friends, tanning, party, and shopping again.
This weekend made me tuckered out, thanks. All I want to do is just sleep, peacefully.

hb 2 kumi

Sunday, June 12

Work hard, fry high

It's the motto of continental airline. I really want they to do so, anyway.
I got a ticket Narita to NY. As you know, they lost my stuffs when I returned to Japan in Feb so I could get it a half -price. It's doesn't make sence though. Please, work hard, don't fly higher!
I wanted to leave Tokyo right away, but they said that there weren't any seat in this month and I just got a ticket few days ago.
Now, it's 5am by the way. I've been studing since last night and I usually do this way these days. My day is just sleeping, eating, studing and jogging. What's more, I'm not able to sleep well. Pitié!

FYI; I'm gonna stay there Jun 28 to Aug 1.
(The ticket can change the schedule, but I've gotta go back asap.)
Does anyone want me to buy something in NYC or here, from Japan, please let me know.
買ってきて欲しいものがある人は連絡下さい. もしくはいつものマシンガン土産話ってことで.よろしく.

go 2 ny

Thursday, June 9

We'll go to Germany@World Cup!!!!!!!

Finally, we beat north korea and get to play in world cup 2006. Though I didn't watch the game of Asian league much caz I wasn't in Japan then, always wanted to go to Germany. So, I've been pretty happy since last night. The guys are so cool! I like watching games that players are my generation. And all guys looks elder even younger than me. Like koshien's high school teens. Anyways, thanks Zico! I really wanna go to Brazil!!

zico Japan

Wednesday, June 1

crazy-pinky CP

I had an urge for a decorate my cp, so did it at the garden. I don't want any comment caz even mom gave a wry when looked at it. Of course, I don't want to be like Palis Hilton (sometimes she looks cute though.) Anyways, the most important thing is self-satisfaction, right?

Finally, I decided. I decided to go to NY!!
I'd already appried and paid fee for FIT last week. But I didn't decide any detail. I'll likely be in NYC from the middle of this month or at least the end of this month to at the biggining of Aug. Though I wanted to stay longer, I've gotta do lots of things in couple of month and really don't wanna waste of my time. I go to NYC neither just enjoy nor chill out. So I'll break my plan short.
It looks like it's gonna be quite busy caz I'm gonna college 9-5 then study again till might night in order to get high score for exam. But it's alright, maybe I like the busyness.
And I plan to share great huge condo. Guys, come and to see me anytime:)