dios miomio!

ようこそ、Welcome,aloha,bienvenu,willcommen,bienvenido!! Sorry, but it's English ONLY for all my frisnds.

Sunday, August 28

Visited States

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Saturday, August 27

Go to the beach@Ooarai

After three hours sleep, we left for Ooarai. Because uncle Hideo drove us beach, two-hours drive was very confatable and closer than I taught. Four in three surfboard or bodyboard, so I enjoyed tunning and hunting seashells alone. It's fine with me:p Actually, I HAD a surfboard when I was 15, but I rarely went to the beach with my board. Moreover, I can't swim at all. See, I'm definitely not beach girl. I'm kinda winter girl. People say that I look very summer person..that's not true. I neither go to the beach in Japan nor play outdoor sports in summer. I love winter sports plus I was sooo tough at Montreal. But recently, I somehow started to like summer. The single greatest cause is last summer:) I'll be in NYC from May to Oct then move to Montreal during winter. That would be perfect!!



Friday, August 26


Typhoon was gone, so I went to the Amanuma festival with Aiko. Not only food stalls but stage ware there. I don't know that, but it looks very Japanese things.. ok, I'll call that NOU. Well, NOU was so fun, we couldn't understand plot or maybe just odd costume fixed our attention. Anyways, It was fun to catch a glimpse of the difference from my home town. After that, we went home to wake up early the next morning.



Tuesday, August 23


Tonight, I met my old friends to dispute about Black or White in summer.. kidding, it was an annual girl's night. Noo, not just as usual because Tomo, one of my very best friend, gave out that she will get mattied on Feb! She said that she 's been going out with her boyfriend since Dec and of course I never met him. Hey sweety, don't jump ahead of me. I'm gonna miss you! Well, I was very supprised at her super-sudden news though I'm sooo happy to hear that:) Many Congratuations!!!
Anyways, it was some stupid fun tonight. My crazy friends and favorite pizzas always make me happy.
Let's recap..Black or White. I know lots of Japanese guys love snow-white girls and also I admid the girls looks beautiful. BUT, I decided to be bronze at least 20's. Who cares. Isn't it gorgeous? "Don't cha wish your girlfriend like hot like ME!? " hehe

PS, Rena DID sent me a her bf's calendar. I tried to find it, but I couldn't:( Please, trust me.

I love TTH

Monday, August 22

My gosh! Imagine meeting you here!!!!!!!

MontrealのMarikoが1年振りに10日間だけ帰国しているのでLas chicasで約7ヶ月振りに再会,イエーイ!元気そうで良かったし,相変わらず話しが超楽しかった. 帰国間際,とーっても色んなことがあってちゃんとお別れもしていなかったけど...まぁ今となればステキな出来事だらけだったわけで.そんな色んな思い出話の中で,Sebastianが愛知博で仕事をしていて天皇皇后両陛下と写真を撮って新聞に載ったネタで大爆笑していた矢先,なんと張本人の彼が登場!名古屋から三日間だけ東京観光しに来ているらしいけど,あの表参道でも奥地の秘境の秘境でMontrealのマリコとセバと私の三人が出会うとは.嬉しいっていうより,かなり怖くて鳥肌が立ちました.だって生まれた時から今までただの同級生とか顔見知りも入れて何百人とか何千人の知人がいるのに,都内で偶然人に会う事ってほぼ無いし.ここはSt.Catharineではないのです~.Montreal村だと絶対誰かに会うしね.なんだか懐かしいな,ちょっと戻りたくなりました.Montrealアレルギーが完治したら,またあそぼ!アメスク軍団さいこ~!!
I believe that the world is smaller than we thought and maybe it's not just coincidence or something. ahhhh, I love TOKYO!! See you in front of Feature Shop:)

my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 18

Have you drunk it!?

I drank "Green Tea Frappuccino" everyday while I was in NYC. It's one of the most popular drink in NYC this summer and sometime hard to get it because of sold out around the city. ahhhh, I miss you!! Of course I can get it in Japan though it's something different flavor puls, very small. How stingy!! Please, I love American size.

BGM: Pink Martini/ Amado Mio
it's absolutely my song:)

@columbus circle

Saturday, August 13

Super Surprise Wedding Party!!

Today, Yohey and Aiko had a premartial party for Jr. Yo-hey and Yo-run. They planned closely to carrying off a big surprise party sucessfully, and also all of us were very very carefully all day long because it was organized two part (BBQ and Pre-Wedding@ Sheraton's suite).
The party was excellent. Fortunatelly, we saw theTokyo-bay Fireworks Festival from the room!! Thanx Yohey!! Thanks invite me to the greatest party and it's just like him to come through like that. Can you do that again my turn, please? kidding, jeje.
Although I had only a few friends, I really enjoyed making new friends. I was really moved by cheerful and fliendly mood of the party. They are fortunate to have such a great family and friends.

Best wishes for a happy wedding!!


Part1, BBQ@KasaiRinkai Kouen
Pile into the BBQ "Surprise!!".

Part2,Pre-Wedding @Sheraton's suite
Pledged to marry at fake church and crazy Father. Then we watched funny video and their parents apperd.

Q, Who is him?
We love to feed STEAKS to wild sharks, by the way.

Monday, August 8

BBQ party@38℃

I joined the BBQ party at Shinkiba yesterday. It was a terrible hottest summer day!! For all that, there are lots of people and I really enjoyed eating and talking to my old friends. The party was awesome, thanks Satoshi and Happy Birthday Nakaji,taku and Kentarow:) Don't worry, you guys looks so young like 7years ago.
Then Yohey,Aiko and I went to the gym to watch Yohey's basketball game. It was more terrible because of no air conditioner, but I've enjoyed watching play and feel like playing sports something very exciting. And, we shared Yohey's secret last night, jeje. He's sooo cool. I like him better than before!
I'm happy to see my friends and so far, everything's great!!

Aiko,thanks nice pics! Love U!!

BBQ Party@Shin-kiba

Tuesday, August 2

I'm back.

I returned home from NY yesterday. Because of 14h flight, I'd slept since yesterday evening. I really liked to get on the plane, but it's too hard to sit for a long long time. I don't know why..maybe I'm getting old. Anyways, It's kinda shock this ugly weather. I was in NYC last summer to escape Japanese teible summer and now I decided to do so all of my life. Forecast said it's gonna be 60% humid today. Please, take me to Alaska!! It's killing me!!!

昨日,帰国して大嫌いな日本の夏に早くもバテています.こんなに不快だったっけ!? だけど,食べ物がおいしいからいいか.今,無性にコンビニのツナおにぎりが食べたい.帰国早々,書類の手配等々で何気にやる事は多いんだけど今月中はとりあえず自宅待機予定.

↓The last day, I found my apartment from Meat packing. miss you guys:)

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