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Saturday, September 24

Photo Shooting (Jul 24,Harlem)

I know it's pretty late to blog them now, but at last tidied up loads of pics which taken in NYC. I want them to blog just for the record.
Looking back on that day, I'm still amazed how heavy my makeup was. What's the..! I need someone great photoshop editor. Thanks foreign life and my dark skin, I hardly ever do my face lately. Anyways, the shooting was a fantastic experience and one of the great memories this summer.
I had a great time both NYC and Japan. So I feel little sad just thinking of bygone days. It's getting autumn.


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Monday, September 19

I love Ueno Zoo

I'm fucking tired because of hottest three-day holiday. Friday, I ate Unagi(eel) at Miyagawa. Finally, I did! It's one of the must-eat restaurant in tokyo. The next day, I went to beauty shop and met my friend at Las Chicas.
And today. I knew it's crowded wherever I go, but somehow it occurred to me go to huge Zoo. and my hunch was right though it was really fun:) I think there are lots of animals more than Bronx zoo and yeah, I just rememberd. We went there to say good-bye to shuang-shuang who return to Mexico this weekend. She was cutest lazy panda.

Anyway, I've been working since last Mon. I enterd into a two and half-month contact. It's kinda very short-term job though that's perfect. Ok, I gotta go. I'll have to show up at work tomorrow.