dios miomio!

ようこそ、Welcome,aloha,bienvenu,willcommen,bienvenido!! Sorry, but it's English ONLY for all my frisnds.

Saturday, October 22

Youhei Youran's wedding party

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Sunday, October 16

work out, work all

I went to the gym almost everyday for six month but haven't changed my body dramatically. So I chenged the way of exercise and will hire a parsonal trainer. I have to 60min for muscle training, 25min bike and 6km jog (plus boxercise/earobics) only ONE day. All I need is gorgeous body that fine with Waikiki beach:)
Anyways, I watched 'Charlie & the chocolate Factory' at last. I luv Oompa-Loompa.

Thursday, October 13

!Que ilusion!

Hola! ?Como estas? Soy Mio. Estay muy cansada y tengo hambre. Yo estudio espanol en la universidad sophia,Se hablar espanol poco. No, no poco. !El espanol es muy dificil de hablar!

I've been studing Spanish at Jyouchi(Shophia) University since couple of weeks ago. Although I still wanted to study French again, changed my mind and tried to speak Spanish. Caz it's easer than that also I have great friends whose from South America and Spain! And somehow I wanted to do something "new". Hey guys, it's autumn!
Anyways, my days are crazy. CRAZY BUSY and tired:( like work, study, excise, blah blah blah..
Oh, but we're planning to vacation @ Hawaii next month!!

hasta pront,

Sunday, October 2

These Boots Are Made For Walkin

I'd been looking for western boots for couple of month though got boots at vintage store, finally! and..I was supposed to buy a pair of shoes but couldn't control myself in front of these adorable boots:) I'd never been to Kouenji before but I like there very much. There are lots of cool vintage stores and huge arcade more like Shimokitazawa. I love both of them though.
Absolutely, western boots are IN this season. How do I ware them!?

This weekend was very hot. The temperature was thirty-two(around eighty-seven F). hey, it's already Oct, isn't it?