dios miomio!

ようこそ、Welcome,aloha,bienvenu,willcommen,bienvenido!! Sorry, but it's English ONLY for all my frisnds.

Saturday, December 31


Yesterday, we had the year-end party at Shibuya. As usual, Satoshi organized and that was dead. They call it a party, but it's just an in-group gathering though there were 30 people or more. All-good frends parties are more relaxed and we talked too much about dirty jokes. I'm gonna miss you guys..

Anyways, it's New Year's Eve night and I'm just watching KOUHAKU (pretty popular song contest TV program). It's our home custom the New Year's Eve.
Looking back on this year, I've been through a lot. I returned home from Montreal, tried to enroll at FIT and studied at NYC this summer, worked in docomo and quit because of illness. But, I met lots of great people and made new friends all around the world. And now, I am so glad I met you guy(s) and wish happiness:)

Thanks 2005!!!

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Wednesday, December 28

Tokyo Millenario 2006

It's 2nd times for me and I did know how much we had to lin up to get in. But it's the only last time, this annualy ivent is closed this year. My hunch was right, we'd been waiting for one hour and half. Look, this tons of people! Bye-bye millenario and thanks Italy.

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Sunday, December 25

Merry Christmas!!

I went st Ignatius Church mass yesterday. Actually, I went therer almost every Thu and Fri evening before starting Spanish class at Jyouchi Univ(Sophia Univ). Tehre were more than 2000 peoples and the mass was very graceful.
Then move to Shinjyuku to get cakes. Then we had an all-night party so I got up today 2pm. We're so lazy..

I got a I-20 visa from FIT yesterday. What a great Christmas present:) Thanks, Santa Claus and DHL, hehe.
So believe
May all your Christmas has dreams come true. Happy holidays!!

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Friday, December 23

Wow! Christmas Present

from me! I've been looking for 4G-Black-nano and finally I got it yesterday. I'm so happy now:) Of cource I'm gonna decolate it like my bling-bling cp.
It just turned Chtistmas Eve now. Today, I plan to go hospital to see my grandpa then meet my friends to attend Mass at St Ignatius Church. And we're gonna have a all night home party.
Ok then, I have to go about making crazy present. ugh..It's already 2am. Looks night-work;(

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Monday, December 19


I know.. everything does not go smoothly though. I can't stand an awful things like this. Now it's 4am caz I had to call university. Thanks fu**ing time difference.

1, call Univ to make sure of my documents -- I just talked and everythings fine for the moment
2, get visas. I-20 from FIT/F1 from US embassy -- if I couldn't get them I can't go to the US
3, do lots of paperworks before interview with US embassy -- テロ以降審査が厳しいので心配.
4, study math and English because of pracement test -- 初日からテスト.微分積分とは何ぞや?
5, fined a room -- of course inside of Manhattan (actuallly, I found the room near the Central park) 毎度の事ですがNYでの家探しで泣く.でも今日セントラルパーク近くの家を仮確保.やったね.
6, enter the hospital -- waiting for the bed 主治医からのお告げで年内予定.ついでに渡米前の義務検診,予防接種.

でも,カルバンクラインやラルフローレン様の後輩になると思うと感動ですわな. とりあえず卒業目標!!

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Wednesday, December 14

Congratulation Letter

FINALLY, I got a congratulation letter a month delay because of postal accident, btw. And I'm gonna there Jan18.

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Friday, December 9

accepted!! 祝.合格

I fainally into my university I want to go and feel like I've finally come to a resting place. caz I really wanted to study at FIT (Fashion Institute Of Technology) and...yeah, I did!!! I've came a long way, but road ahead is longer than before. It's just starting. I've gotta do a lot of bureaucratic paperwork like get a visa, find apartment blah-blah-blha, which is very hard. Actually, It was not easy to get any info about whether pass or not because the mail has gone since last month. Can you belive that? That is super important mail! Anyway, I have to start tones of paperworks right away.

Oh my god. I'll live in NY at least five years..wow I'm so excited:)

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Thursday, December 1

early Christmas Present

I got new PC as a Christmas present from my dad. Lucky me!! It was a kinda very surprise present though I don't use that. Seems like very tough.. ok, now quit whining and do it. maybe tomorrow;)
Anyways, it's fairly warm for this time of the year but this year is almost over!

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